Welcome to Natural History Week 2021

Star Island is a beautiful little place to experience the natural world.  Artists, gardeners, hikers, writers, photographers, birders, (amateur and professional alike), parents, teachers and all who enjoy the outdoors are captured by the history of the Isles of Shoals, scenic vistas everywhere and an ever-changing atmosphere.  If you love nature, you will love Star Island.

Natural History Week is a week-long gathering of people who are interested in the natural world.  Our focus is on learning about the observations and insights of naturalists who follow a specific natural history subject.  Ornithologists, entomologists, mammalogists, beekeepers, mycologists, and more have shared their knowledge and wisdom at NHW.   The sustained observations and record keeping of amateur naturalists is how ecologists and phenologists draw conclusions about climate change and the health of our planet.  

Your week at NHW will be filled with innovative activities, ideas, good food and company all against a backdrop of ever-changing skies. rugged shoreline, mesmerizing ocean waves, birds, rosa rugosa, and reminders of a time long past.  We welcome you to Natural History Week 2021.