All who make Natural History Week happen each year volunteer their time, talents and energy in the interest of creating a memorable experience at Star Island for all.  Just about anyone who has ever attended NHW has been a volunteer in one capacity or another.  If you are a New Shoaler (it’s your first time at Star) or if you are new to NHW, here is a list of all the volunteer responsibilities:

Conference Chair(s):   Responsible for the selection of a working committee, speaker, natural history topic and a minister for the following year’s conference; coordinates with the Arts Conference and Star Island Corporation for use of facilities for the following year’s conference.

Working Committee :  A working committee is  recruited by the Conference Chair(s) and helps with planning the following year’s conference.  If you are interested in volunteering for any of the positions described below, please advise a member of the Steering Committee or the conference chair(s) prior to the end of the conference. 

Working committee positions:

Social Hour Chair: ( plans and orders beverages and snack food for NHW social hour; collects social hour donations; recruits volunteers to assist with set up and clear away at social hours)

Daytime Activities Chair: (creates a schedule of  activities; recruits volunteers to lead activities and workshops)

Evening Activities Chair: (creates a schedule of activities;  recruits volunteers to lead them)

Evening Chapel Services Chair: (recruits volunteers to lead evening chapel services for the following year’s conference)

Name Tags  (maintains existing name tags and creates name tags for New Shoalers)

Art Auction:  (sets up and shuts down art auction; receives donations; announces and promotes art auction throughout the week; announces art auction results at final dinner)

Sandpiper:  (prepares two editions of the newspaper off island; solicits contributions from NHW conferees for both editions)

Volunteers needed during the conference week:

               One or two volunteers each day to set up and clear away at social hour;

               Bell ringers to ring chapel bell morning and evening

               Choir voices for the morning chapel service

               Scribe to post schedule of activities on the Blackboard each day

               Contributors to the Sandpiper (NHW’s newspaper)

Volunteers appointed by the Steering Committee:

Historian: (organizes and maintains historical archives; collects new memorabilia from the current conference)

Council of Conferences representative:  Attends Council of Conferences meetings during the year, representing the interests of NHW

Annual Fund Representative:  Promotes Star Island Annual Fund while on the island;

Webmaster:  (creates/ updates NHW website; maintains a NHW blog; posts to NHW Facebook and Twitter)

Wish list:  Volunteer marketing co-ordinator