NATURAL HISTORY WEEK - June 20 - 27, 2020


STEERING COMMITTEE:  Our conference (then and now), is composed of a Steering Committee consisting of:

  • 6 members, each serving a 3 year term (eligible for 2 additional consecutive terms);
  • Conference Chairperson(s) of the existing conference (2-year term);
  • Conference Chairperson(s) of the prior year’s conference (2-year term);
  • Registrar (renews annually, 9-year term limit);
  • Treasurer (renews annually, 9 year term limit).


  • To choose the new  Chairperson(s) for next year’s conference;
  • To choose new Steering Committee members;
  • To provide policy and long-range planning for the conference, with particular attention to possible speakers and Conference Chair(s) for future years;
  • To provide support – moral, advisory and emergency –to the Conference Chair(s) and Working Committee.

CONFERENCE CHAIRPERSON(S):  The Conference Chairperson(s) assembles a working committee to handle the details of the subsequent year’s conference.  Working committee members may be, but are not limited to, members of the Steering Committee.

WORKING COMMITTEE:   The working committees are assembled by the new Conference Chair(s) prior to the conclusion of the current conference.  They will meet either on or off island to decide on possible speakers and to assign areas of responsibility for the  the following year’s conference.