Kids at NHW

NHW loves kids!  However, NHW does not provide a formal program of activities catering to kids due to the small number of children who attend our mid-June conference.  Parents and guardians of children under the age of 18 are therefore responsible for their child’s supervision, entertainment, and safety throughout the week.  Here are some favorite activities for our NHW children.

RUTLEDGE MARINE LAB — The marine lab at Star Island is regularly staffed by one of the Island’s naturalists.  It is a great place for curious young children to spend some of their vacation time.  The lab features a  ‘kids corner’ that offers  interesting activities, coloring books, and reading materials. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy the large display tanks filled with sea creature.

Parents/guardians can make arrangements with an Island naturalist for a low tide walk geared to the interests of young children.  The low tide walk will include exploration of the tidal processes, inter-tidal zones, and the animals and organisms that are likely to be found in each. Specimens are often collected and brought back to the marine lab for further study.

VAUGHN COTTAGE — Star Island’s historian and curator offers a variety of games and art projects for young guests. Activities may include creating a rock collage map of the Isles of Shoals, stories about pirates and unsolved Isles of Shoals mysteries and a kid-friendly ghost and graveyard tour of the Island cemetery.

GAMES AND SPORTS — There are two playgrounds, a tennis court (bring your racquets), basketball, beach ball volleyball, a great space to fly kites, swimming, and tables for playing board games in the Oceanic.

CHILDREN’S COTTAGE — Art and crafts materials will be available for the kids at the children’s cottage.  The cottage is also equipped with toddler-age toys, cribs, rocking chairs, etc. as well as an outdoor sandbox and playground.

June 18-25, 2023

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