History of NHW


Natural History Conference (renamed Natural History Week) was officially launched in June, 1980.  The annual conference was to take place during the last week of June, concurrent with another conference made up of teenagers who were known at the time as LRY (Liberal Religious Youth).   The decision to create a new conference (Natural History), came about when popular family conferences held later in the summer had long wait lists year after year. It was decided that NHW would be for adults-only and that it’s primary focus would be on the natural world.

A few changes have taken place since the conference was first established. Our conference now takes place during the third week of June and is shared with other groups, including the Arts Conference.  

Children are not restricted from attending NHW.  However, they must  be supervised at all times by parent or guardian because formal child care or an activity program is not offered.

June 18-25, 2023

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