2021 Theme


We anticipate that our week at Star in 2021 will be unlike any that we’ve ever experienced in the past. Social distancing will be the order of the day and we expect there will be many workarounds and surprises every day. 

To play it safe, therefore, we plan to present a series of video lectures presented by the National Audubon Society’s Hog Island Audubon Camp..  Topics will include seabird biology, threats to seabirds and seabird conservation.  Presenters are Annette Fayet, Ph.D., junior researcher; Steve Kress, Ph.D., founder of National Audubon Society’s Project Puffin; Don Lyons, Ph.D., director of conservation science for National Audubon’s Seabird Institute;  and John Piatt, Ph.D., researcher, naturalist and conservationist.

In the video series, these scientists share their personal experiences and the discoveries made while studying seabirds.  They will talk about seabird family life, migration, adaptations for life at sea, and the challenges that seabirds face in a world where even the most remote islands are affected by humans.