JUNE 19 – 26, 2022



Natural History Week 2022 will be filled with connections to our natural world, to our own creativity, and our spiritual well-being. Speaker Elizabeth Murray will provide daily inspiration as she inspires us to living our lives more fully as we recommit to our love of nature, our creativity, hearts and spirit.

Elizabeth is excited to take advantage of the history and beauty of Star Island as she leads us through her four pathways to “Living Life in Full Bloom”. With the sounds of the sea, the smells of the wild roses, and the beauty of the rugged shore, Elizabeth’s four pathways include:

Gardener: deepening your relationship with the natural world

Artist: expanding your creativity and imagination

Lover: opening your heart and falling in love with life – the natural world (what you love you will care for)

Spirit Weaver: Integrating mindfulness, celebrations, and blessings into each day

Our plan includes going to Appledore Island, our sister Island in the Shoals. We will view Celia Thaxter’s garden and take time to photograph, paint, and draw Celia’s legacy to the Isle of Shoals.

Come and join us. Make new friends. Relax with old friends. Enjoy the 100-year-old history of the hotel. Chat, meditate, read or bird watch as you rock away time on the huge front porch. And don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful sunsets from Star.

Sue and Russ Peterson, 2022 NHW Conference Chairs


We will be taking a trip to Appledore island where we will have the unique opportunity for an extended stay at Celia’s famous garden.  You will have the opportunity to take photos, draw, sketch, paint and learn more about the plants Celia chose for her garden.


Supplies for all kinds of projects are available in the art room and we have an art director who can get you started if you aren’t sure where to begin.  If you like to sing, join the choir and if you like to write, we publish a newspaper at the end of the week called ‘The Sandpiper.

Star Island a beautiful place and it will inspire your creativity.



There’s so much to do in just one short week.  Star Island’s naturalists will lead morning bird walks and during the weeK will lead low tide and geology walks.  Vaughn Cottage has a library and museum.  The Rutledge Marine Lab has interesting specimens as well as a library.  


Star Island may be small but you will still get plenty of exercise!  Row boats and kayaks are available to take you to Smuttynose Island.  The half-mile perimeter walk around Star is a nice way to see exceptional views from all over the island.  Swimming is available, though the water will be cold.  And in the morning, yoga or exercises are usually available.