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Star Island is located ten miles off the coast of New Hampshire. It is the second largest of the nine islands that make up the Isles of Shoals and its historic Oceanic House and adjacent buildings become the village home for thousands of visitors each summer. The nonprofit Star Island Corporation has owned and operated Star Island since 1916, providing affordable individual and family retreats.

Hotel flower arrangementFrom June to September guests come for a day, an overnight visit or to attend one of the many conferences presented each summer on a range of subjects such as natural history, writing, photography, music, painting, ecology, matters of the spirit, yoga and more. And because Star Island has historic connections to Unitarian Universalism and the United Church of Christ, it has a liberal spiritual quality that is renewing and uplifting.

Tucke Monument

Star Island, one of the Isles of Shoals, is listed on the┬áNational Register of Historic Places, a federally recognized list of cultural resources worthy of preservation. Star Island’s designation as a National Historic Place reflects its cultural and architectural significance in American history.

Star Island's mission since 1915 is to hold and administer Star Island and other properties we own for educational, religious, and kindred purposes. Please visit Star Island's website for more information about the island, including a map of Star Island, history, accommodations, and other summer conferences at Star.

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