Carl and Mary McDaniel


The theme for 2018 Natural History Week combines two concepts: Durable: continuing to exist, stable; Communities: groups of organisms—animals (including humans), microbes, plants—living together in the same environment. These concepts frame the fundamental challenge before humanity: Can we create and sustain durable communities in which humans can fulfill their highest ethical aspirations as articulated by humanity’s world religions?
Carl N. McDaniel

Our speaker, Carl McDaniel, is an experimental scientist and environmental educator who has spent a lifetime living this theme, as a researcher, educator, and individual. Carl is a Vietnam veteran and an emeritus university biology professor who taught introductory biology for 33 years and was the founding director of an undergraduate environmental science degree program. He and his wife Mary have built an energy-positive home (Trail Magic), designed a bio-diverse carbon-sequestering landscape, and have grown up to 40% of their own food.  Carl has published more than 60 scientific papers, numerous general audience pieces, lectured across the United States and in six foreign countries, and written four books that will be the springboard for his program Trail Magic: Lessons for a Livable Planet ( Carl is currently a visiting professor at Oberlin College.

Dusk Pond ReflectionTrail Magic Garden ITrail Magic PV-PanelsTrail Magic 2ndYear Tall Grass Prairie

Photo credit: Dusk Pond Reflection, Joe Furet;
Photo credit: Trail Magic Garden and PV Panels, Carl McDaniel;
Photo credit: Carl and Mary McDaniel, Solar Power, Steve Manheim, Chronicle Photos