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ROOM AND BOARD: A room and board deposit fee of $200 per person is required at the time you register for the conference. Your final bill, less registration deposit, will be paid during the week of your stay at NHW. Room and board rates have been set by the Star Island Corporation and are listed at StarIsland.org.

Room accommodations in the hotel (built in the 1870's) or the cottages are charming yet mimimal. Every room offers a beautiful view of the island. Families are grouped according to the ages of their children. Singles and older couples tend to stay in buildings without children. Some rooms have private bathrooms, however, most are shared. Showers are available three times a week.

NHW PROGRAM FEE: $125/adults (+18).?? NHW program fees cover conference activities, entertainment, arts and crafts materials and our conference speaker.

REGISTRATION DEPOSIT:??Your registration deposit includes both a program fee ($125 per adult (+18) and a $200 room and board deposit for each registered adult and/or child (Children five and under are free). ??

If possible, please register online using the Online Registration Page. If you choose not to register online, please complete the registration form from the Program Guide that was mailed to you, or, download a paper registration form here. When mailing your form, make one check payable to Star Island Corporation for a total of NHW's program fee(s) and Star Island's room and board deposit. Mail the check and registration form to Mike Bray, Island Registrar, Star Island Corporation, Morton-Benedict House, 30 Middle Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801.

If you cannot attend the entire week's conference, please email our NHW registrar, Anne Perkins, at Anne Perkins, NHW Registrar for registration information.

INCIDENTAL EXPENSES: Snack bar, gift shop, book store, lobster night, trip to Appledore, adult social hour (contribution for snacks and beverages), use of the row boats, business office.

DISCOUNTS: Various discounts are offered on the Star Island website under the heading "DISCOUNTS."

THOMAS SEAVEY SCHOLARSHIP:The Thomas Seavey Scholarship Fund was created from a generous bequest from former conferee, Lee Harrison.?? NHW Shoalers have added to this fund from time to time and 50% of the proceeds from our annual art auction also helps the Scholarship funds to grow.?? The Steering Committee for NHW oversees administration of this fund. If you need financial assistance in order to attend this year's NHW, please complete the Thomas Seavey Scholarship Application form and email it to Anne Perkins, our registrar, per instructions on the form. All applications are considered anonymously and only the applicant and the registrar ever know the identity of scholarship applicants/recipients.?? The scholarship award is credited to the recipient's account at Star Island.

Applications are due by May 1, 2018. A decision on your application will be given to you by May 15, 2018.